Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eco-Friendly Leather Jewelry

I'm really excited about this post as you won't believe the amazing stuff I found - and of course it's all eco-friendly! Dress to impress this holiday season or find an amazing gift~
Here are some amazing finds from Etsy - they are all made using upcycled or scrap leather! Click the store names to visit their shops~

One-of-a-kind leather lace choker by Vietto

2 astounding necklaces by Mainichi
she offers free shipping until Xmas!

Fish scale cuff by Spectacle a la maison
free worldwide shipping until January 1st 2010!

Dark silver woven cuff by Straps NW

Unique and colorful jewelry and accessories by Meredith Eye's
awesome 'eye' bib necklace!

leather and upcycled chandelier crystal necklace, wow!

 spiky flower cuff

Two beautiful flower power bib necklaces

Check out these great reversible lacy recycled leather cuffs by TrilbyMade!

And lets not forget earrings!

Glamorous stud earrings by

Lightning gold wings by

leather loop earrings by

Long (9inches!) leather tassel earrings by Maelle

Sexy Amazon feather earrings by

Beautiful color and texture on these!

Leather is an interesting material both strong and flexible; like fabric that will not fray. It's relatively easy to cut into various shapes or to make long strips and fringes. You can even carve the thicker kind and burn designs on it. There is also an abundance of different colors and textures making it an especially interesting material for jewelry.  Make it even better by using readily available eco-friendly scrap leather on Etsy or from manufacturers of leather goods. You can also use vintage clothing, purses, wallets, belts etc.

Hopefully this has gotten your creative juices flowing! I think I'll dive back into that big bag of leather scraps I've had lying around forever:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Sabrina, my December 1st giveaway winner!

Amazing deep salmon colored Italian coral beads from an old discarded necklace...The color is a beautiful deep salmon which look stunning with a tiny pale blue pearl.
The small linked dark brass chain lengths add a touch of industrial / steam punk goodness!

These were made to promote using eco-friendly alternatives to using new real coral which is critically endangered .

The next giveaway will skip a month as everyone will be enjoying the holidays - stay tuned for what will be up for grabs February 1st!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Surf Tumbled Jewels

Nature is the best recycler. Nothing is wasted and there's always a creature waiting to take advantage of some other creature's trash.

She sometimes even takes our trash and makes something sea glass. Broken shards of glass that would otherwise cut into soft feet are tumbled smooth by the sandy sea water and relentless pounding of the waves....

eats this for breakfast...

...and spits out this!

It also does wonders for hard calloused feet...but I digress.

As a an eco-friendly jewelry material sea glass is exceptional! Various sizes, colors and a unique frosted luminous appearance unlike anything else. For those who have access to a beach it's a free source of great materials!
If you don't there are lots of places to purchase some sea glass like Etsy's

Located on North East Coast Of England

They sell a variety of drilled or whole sea glass as well as sea pottery and driftwood perfect for jewelry making!


They also sell a selection of handmade jewelry that show the amazing results you can get using sea glass
Here are some of my favorites!

Cluster Charm Pendant


Pendant with fancy wire work

Here are some more jewelry I found made from genuine sea glass:

Caged sea glass earrings

Gorgeous sea glass pendant

Sea glass sanded into faceted beads! Crumpetcake

Apple green sea glass with copper

Amazing copper wire work ring

And here's a ring I made from sea glass and vintage filigree components:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Opulent Oddities - Mnemonic Collage

Making environmentally sound choices involves looking at materials in a different way and this is especially true with jewelry. My job here is to show you how the effort to use recycled and vintage can have amazing results:

Using vintage materials goes beyond just re-using old findings - at Opulent Oddities the pieces incorporate all kinds of found objects:

 an antique drawer pull with a lovely deep patina

an antique shoe buckle and chandelier crystals

antique lace

 a vintage number tag

The artist was kind enough to share some of her thought!:

Why have you chosen to work only with vintage antiques materials? Because they are amazing! Nothing is like the quality that was made 100 or even 50 years ago. And I love that even if you have the same product from the same manufacturer, the way it was cared for and the way it had aged makes it so very different, and that gives it its own story, its own history. That's what really inspires me.

What is your favorite piece and why? Boy, its hard to pick! Some pieces I love because they represent a creative challenge for me. Some I love because they show a hidden side of my self, a part of my story, one I could never tell, but I can with my pieces. But my favorite is one that reminds me of my Momma:

My Momma is my biggest fan and support. She has inspired me with her creativity throughout my life and she has helped me through some of the most difficult things I've had to go through. Basically, she f--king rocks.

Is being eco-friendly part of your business or creative process? Of course! You can't deny that using old pieces that are already in existence does not help that environment by slowing the creation of new pieces. Of course, I do have to use new clasps, chains on occasion and findings, but I try to keep as much vintage in the mix as possible. I also recycle boxes, zip-locks, etc to cut down on packaging. I also don't do click and ship and use boat loads of paper/ink when I ship, I write out my addresses and go to the local post office. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I run this shop as well as a destash shop that does pretty well, so every little bit counts!

What are some particular achievements (business or artistic) that you are especially proud of? Well, I've sold to a few celebrities (saying who is rude, in my opinion, and breaks the trust of the customer), been in a publication or two, and am in boutiques around the world. What makes me happiest though, is when another artist is inspired by my work, and that happens pretty frequently. I like to make pretty things, of course, but to make inspirational things, that's an accomplishment, to me.

What I love about her pieces is that each is one-of-a-kind and the natural signs of age gone by remain. Every object has a past. It's fun to think of where they've been and who those people were that used them.Wearing one of those pieces you can continue the journey and be part of an unfolding story.

My favorite piece in her store:

Memory Garden Necklace

Being a science geek this necklace immediately made me think of another talented assemblage artist from the animal kingdom:                                                

xenophora species
Apparently I'm not the only one to think so, check out the Xenophora page of the Zymoglyphic Museum!
Imagine what this creature would do if let loose in a church Bazaar :)

If you're looking for some treasure to start your own stories Opulent Oddities also sells vintage and antique supplies in her other store Decadence and Decay

I love this organic antique brooch she calls "alien spermatozoa" !

Need more?
Here are other ways to get to know her:



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Creative Mixx Blog

If you want another chance to win some of my jewelry check out The Creative Mixx indie fashion blog!

There's some info about me and what I do and I'm giving away a beautiful silver feather pendant made from a converted clip-on earring on a vintage silver chain.

want it?
see The Creative Mixx for details :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

December 1st Giveaway - Eco-friendly Earrings!

To promote using eco-friendly alternatives to using new real coral for jewelry I'm giving away these genuine vintage coral earrings december 1st!

Amazing deep salmon colored Italian coral beads from an old discarded necklace...The color is a beautiful deep salmon which look stunning with a tiny pale blue pearl.
The small linked dark brass chain lengths add a touch of industrial / steam punk goodness!

2 inches in length from the ear wires.
The chain and elegant ear wires are new oxidized brass made in the USA.

To be eligible all you have to do is follow my blog!

Eco-friendly business card holders

So now that you have your eco-friendly business cards, let's talk eco-friendly card holders!

Business card holders are a great way to show your attention to detail and creativity to customers.  They're a fun way to add an unusual or whimsical element to your product presentation.
But mostly it's a fun treasure hunt!

Found from the vintage category on :

Simple but sweet springy card holder from yellowdogvintage

Small milk glass hand from deelightfulthings

Super cute mini ceramic log planter from SweetLoveVintage perfect for a woodland theme!

Small ring dish from daisytoad

Wire animal card holder from PeachyChicBoutique

A hilarious hippo from Songbird Industries !


Vintage doll house miniature bench from the 1970's from vintagous

I love these new card holders made from recycled/upcycled materials! :

Upcycled barn wood card holder from ParadiseHill Designs

Silly but oh so awesome! Made from a recycled fork by c2design
Recycled vinyl record from Retired Records

Gorgeous recycled wine bottle card holder from Streeterville Glass

And many many more!