Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Surf Tumbled Jewels

Nature is the best recycler. Nothing is wasted and there's always a creature waiting to take advantage of some other creature's trash.

She sometimes even takes our trash and makes something sea glass. Broken shards of glass that would otherwise cut into soft feet are tumbled smooth by the sandy sea water and relentless pounding of the waves....

eats this for breakfast...

...and spits out this!

It also does wonders for hard calloused feet...but I digress.

As a an eco-friendly jewelry material sea glass is exceptional! Various sizes, colors and a unique frosted luminous appearance unlike anything else. For those who have access to a beach it's a free source of great materials!
If you don't there are lots of places to purchase some sea glass like Etsy's

Located on North East Coast Of England

They sell a variety of drilled or whole sea glass as well as sea pottery and driftwood perfect for jewelry making!


They also sell a selection of handmade jewelry that show the amazing results you can get using sea glass
Here are some of my favorites!

Cluster Charm Pendant


Pendant with fancy wire work

Here are some more jewelry I found made from genuine sea glass:

Caged sea glass earrings

Gorgeous sea glass pendant

Sea glass sanded into faceted beads! Crumpetcake

Apple green sea glass with copper

Amazing copper wire work ring

And here's a ring I made from sea glass and vintage filigree components:

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  1. I Love Sea Glass! Does anybody want to sell some real sea tumbled sea glass? Thanks, John