Friday, October 16, 2009

I told you I was Green

If the word vintage conjures up odd vomity green colors and weird odors think again! I intend to prove that you can find and make amazing things with vintage and recycled materials.

I will entice you with:

-Monthly jewelry giveaways!

-Regular features of amazing jewelry artists that will make your mouth water!

-Fun trends in eco-friendly jewelry like 'kitsch'  (say what?, oh yeah!)

-Amazing suppliers for materials to make your own adornments.

-Eco friendly practices to enhance your existing business or start you off on the right foot.

-Discussions on material composition (wtf is Lucite and coral: plant or an animal?!) and green alternatives to popular materials.

-Eye candy with great product photography!

 If I have extra time after the essentials like bathing and eating I might even attempt to translate the whole thing into French!

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