Monday, January 18, 2010


Today I found some amazing jewelry and.....yessss! The seller has some eco-friendly selections so I can share it here!

 This is the first time I've seen wallpaper being used in jewelry - wow!

From the listing: "An artful combination of different materials are featured in this design; the flying bird is cut out from an old wallpaper and mounted on vinyl, the antique copper vintage style pendant piece is from my original city 'Istanbul' and I've placed a clear crystal cabochon at the center, also a sparkling vintage rhinestone piece (once an earring) is dangling from it. All of those are connected to faux leather belt used as the neck piece. Oh, not to forget the draping white enamel chains, which I think completes the overall design perfectly!

I didn't put any closure as the neck piece easily goes through the head."

Her store is full of interesting pieces with innovative materials and techniques. It's rare to find so many unique ideas from one seller - I'm in love!

This is my favorite:

A combination of vintage findings (omg check out that amazing seahorse!) and faux Turkish ceramic tile.

I found Jewelera by browsing the nominations for the Handmade Olympics over at the rikrak studio blog.

You can nominate yourself and your favorite sellers in 8 different olympic events celebrating handmade, eco-friendly and vintage. There are a TON of prizes so read the rules and nominate and if you need inspiration you can find lots of great eco-friendly handmade jewelry on this here blog of mine:)
You have until January 31st

Here are some of my nominations....

Event #3 Favorite handmade eco-friendly item

One of mine of course:)
Creole Earrings made from recycled vintage parts

From hypothesis on Etsy
Mermaid cuff made from recycled leather belt (also currently in my favorites!)

Event #1 Favorite goody with an innovative design

from Etsy seller FoxAndClover
Etched glass necklace handpainted on reclaimed glass

Event #3 Favorite handmade goodie for kids

From Meekssandygirl
Bacon and Eggs baby mittens!

I will hopefuly be featuring Meeksasandygirl very soon and her amazing eco-friendly yarn jewelry!

In the meantime remember my giveaway is still going on until the 23rd of January. Just follow my blog for a chance to win these babies in time for Valentine's Day!

Thanks for reading!


  1. How exciting to see my designs here on your lovely blog! Thank you very much for all the nice words, I'm so excited! :) I just added your blog to my blog list!

  2. I'm lucky enough to own one of Jewelera's original wall paper necklaces - I adore it and multiple compliments every time I wear it! Derya is the BEST!!