Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eco-friendly Jewelry Displays

Displaying your jewelry at shows or keeping things organized at home can be a challenge if you are committed to being Green. But actually it's a lot easier than it looks if you open your mind to unusual uses for materials. You can make quite an impact at shows by using some beautiful vintage displays or by some creative upcycling. It can also be much cheaper than buying new manufactured displays, not to mention more interesting! Just click on the titles to go to the shop listings.

Vintage jewelry displays:
How cute is this! A ladder earring holder with a kitten at the top:

Large expandable vintage jewelry boxes are great for craft shows. Wow I love this one!:

I love these little compact ones for the most precious items:

Here are some vintage items not intended for display but which work really well!:

I have one of these hat/mug racks on my wall for holding necklaces. I took it apart, painted it white with leftover house paint and put it back together.With ten knobs there is lots of room for necklaces and the shape is good for holding long ones.

These were designed to hold small mugs but are great for display. I could see a little forest of them for holding earrings and short necklaces at craft shows. You can paint them all the same color with metallic paint - just sand them lightly and clean with alcohol before.

Vintage dishes make unique jewelry displays. This one is gorgeous and would be great for holding small pieces like rings:

These tiered serving trays are great for saving space. You could hold rings on this one and hang earrings from the edges:

Just plain unusual but brilliant: Old bed springs! This one is sold as a set of six.
You could put a bunch of these on a wall for a funky effect! These could also be sanded and painted with metallic paints.

I didn't even know there was such a thing as apple racks but this is would be great for holding earrings:

I'm not sure what this would have been used for but it's great for necklaces and bracelets:

If you're a pack rat you can start using some of those hidden treasures, you just need to wear your green thinking hat and start finding new uses for all that stuff! Here are some unique upcycled displays:

These frames are a great ideas! Just use a staple gun and hot glue to hold a stitching canvas or other type of screen inside an old frame.

Add hinges between two identical frames to make it stand on it's own:

This awesome jewelry tree is made from  recycled scraps of steel pipe and heavy gauge steel wire!

Check out this amazing vintage briefcase jewelry display!
Vintage briefcase with hooks made from old forks and spoons and mesh salvaged from beekeeping containers!

Here are some standard store type displays but made with recycled and upcycled materials:

Here's another type of design to show off necklaces. Made from upcycled laminate flooring and reclaimed wood.

Shiny black necklace display made from recycled steel:

This one has a beautiful Victorian feel made from recycled vintage components : 

Here are some handy search terms if you want to go treasure hunting!:
Vintage, Recycled, Reclaimed, Upcycled, Eco-friendly, Jewelry holder, Stand, Display, Rack.

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  1. Such cool ideas! I don't make and sell jewelry but definitely have quite a collection that doesnt get used enough because it all gets thrown in drawers and hidden away ; ( I'm definitely going to have to look in to some of these options so I can get my jewelry out and organized and start wearing it lots more! Thanks so much!

  2. your welcome - it's a lot of fun looking through the vintage category and finding all sorts of neat stuff that can be used for jewelry display. It's also a great feeling of being able to recycle something instead of buying everything new all the time!

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  4. This has inspired me to keep my eye out for anything that can hold jewelry. I love re-purposing!
    Thank you for the post.

  5. I love giving vintage odds and ends a new life, and displays like these can give your booth a really appealing, unique look. Thanks so much for sharing these inspiring ideas and photos!