Friday, February 12, 2010

For the Love of Bugs

I am a huge fan of bugs: all kinds... and not just the pretty ones. Even the ones chomping on my plants just doing what they were born to do, they are all fascinating mini animals!

Also a big fan of bugs:

Ok... spiders can be scary when they pop out of no where like "boogaboogabooga!", but they are incredibly fascinating! long as they stay at least 2 feet away from me at all times:) Oh and I'm much less afraid than before: I can now easily touch a picture of one just fine (still can't touch a shark picture though..)!

Me at a tender age:

Even if you aren't bbf with bugs these next eco-friendly jewelry selections shouldn't freak you out one bit: they will sit pretty on your finger,ears or shoulder if you wish and promise not crawl into your bed or surprise you in the shower!

Recycled, Upcycled Handmade:
Made from vintage and recycled components.
How cute are these!? Like having a little pet bug:)

Made from a wine cork and recycled steel auto parts!

Hilarious Beetle with a Shopping Bag Pendant made from a vintage postcard.

Hey, I think I know her! She was shoplifting produce from my garden!:

Pink Butterfly Necklace by Bionic Unicorn made from vintage parts.
(Her entire store is amazing!)


Of course I use bugs in my own jewelry! Made from recycled vintage components.

Gorgeous glowing green Scarab Van Dell Earrings

Check out these funky creepy crawlies!

I like how he's all "hold up! you don't want to squish this one!"

I can't wait for Spring!

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